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Nominex - Cryptoexchange with passive income on farming.

All about farming, staking, bonuses, tournaments, referral system, commissions.

Nominex - cryptocurrency exchange with trading without commissions and the possibility of passive income on farming and staking. This exchange is equally well suited for both a beginner and a professional trader. You can also trade on the exchange without KYC.

How to start farming

Top up your balance with Nominex, click the "Invest" button and start earning passive income from farming. The accruals come in the form of an NMX exchange token, which you can sell and withdraw profits.

Farming profitability in pools

- Up to 2.40% per week.
- Up to 10.41% per month.
- Up to 125% per year.

The longer you farm, the more you will earn from the holder bonus. Within a week, your income, due to the bonus pool, will increase by 20%. Below is a table of increase in profitability. How to start farming - link. You can start farming with absolutely any amount. You can also withdraw the invested amount and profitability at any time.

If this percentage of return is not big for you, then you can stake on Nomiswap, which is Nominex' decentralized exchange a. There you can find a higher yield, but we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with farming on Nominex, as there is a "Simple mode" of farming for beginners, which is designed to simplify the process of investing in farming and allows you to easily top up the balance of the exchange in 30 minutes and put funds into farming.

Nominex - Binance Partner

Nominex is a member of the brokerage program of the largest exchange Binance. As a result, Nominex has all the trading pairs and liquidity of Binance. If you farm, you also get a discount on trading fees up to trading with no fees at all!
If you have ever wanted to become a cryptocurrency trader, then this is a great place to start.

Referral system

Nominex and Nomiswap have one referral system. For this reason, if your referral from Nominex registers on Nomiswap and farms or trades there, then you will also receive income from this!
You receive 30% from your referrals' farming and staking income, and 60% from commissions paid by your referrals.

Also, when you register using link of a strong referrer, then his referrals after registration will come to you and you from them You will also be able to fully earn income: In order to get referrals to your team for free and start earning from them, just go to the site using the link at the end of this page. After that, your referral structure will begin to fill with referrals.


Nominex is a great place to build passive income on farming and referral. system. It is also a great exchange for both beginners to start due to the abundance of bonuses, and for professional traders and referrals due to the 100% discount on trading commissions. Follow the link below and start earning today!