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About the NMX token

The NMX token runs on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Since the start of trading, the token has already grown in price by more than 5000%.

What is the use of the NMX token?

One of the main tasks of the token is the payment of commissions. At the moment, you can pay 50% commissions with NMX.
Nominex also offers an additional discount depending on the number of staked tokens. If you stake a total of 1000 USDT, you will receive a 20% discount on trading fees. 5000 USDT stake - 50% discount. And when staking from 10,000 USDT, you will not need to pay commissions at all.
The discount on trading fees for staking also works on the Nominex DEX - Nomiswap.

In this case, you can combine the discount for paying commissions in NMX and the discount for staking. For example, you can stake 5,000 USDT and get a 50% discount on commissions, while also getting another 50% discount on paying commissions in NMX.

NMX Distribution

NMX distribution goes through 4 farming-pools:
1. Pool of personal farming - daily distribution within the framework of personal farming.
2. Pool for the duration of farming - the more time you stake, the more you get an additional percentage from the bonus pool. For example, if your staking time is 360 days, then you will receive 900% of the stake from the bonus pool.
3. Team farming pool - you get from 5% to 20% of the amount of NMX farmed by your weak team.
4. Direct referral pool - you get from 5% to 10% of the amount of NMX farmed by your direct referrals.


The Nominex exchange is constantly working to make the token even more successful. Even in 2 months, the token managed to gain immense popularity. The liquidity pool is already over $10 million and the founders are not going to stop there.

Nominex already has a lot of tangible advantages that other crypto exchanges do not have. For example, Nominex is a member of the Binance brokerage program. As a result, Nominex has all the trading pairs and liquidity of Binance. Due to the abundance of trading pairs and huge liquidity, Nominex is a great place for traders. Also for this reason, there will always be demand for the NMX token to pay fees.

Nominex also has its own decentralized exchange - Nomiswap. By staking NMX, you also get the opportunity to trade commission-free and on Nomiswap.


The NMX token is rapidly moving towards success, this once again confirms its constantly growing exchange rate and high staking profitability. Therefore, do not hesitate with staking, now it has a very high profitability, which already brings a lot of profit to stakers.