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Bonuses on Nominex after registration

At Nominex, there are certain bonuses that beginners can get right after registration. Below you will find their description.

50 USDT bonus on deposit

With a deposit of 100+ USDT, you will receive 50 USDT in trust for 30 days as a gift. Whatever you profit from that 50 USDT is yours and you can spend it or withdraw it anywhere.

For example, you bought some cryptocurrency with a bonus 50 USDT, it grew in price by 200%, as a result, 100 USDT (all profit) becomes yours. You can terminate the deposit bonus at any time and withdraw your income.

You can either withdraw the profit or continue trading - the choice is yours.
You can read more about this bonus here.

Referrals from overflow

After registering on Nominex using link you will receive referrals to your team. With these referrals you will be able to build your ref. structure and start receiving passive income. These referrals to your team are provided by the referrer. All referrals who register with him - get to you.