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Demo Tournaments

Demo tournaments allow you to earn without investments. Anyone can take part in them. To participate, you need to go to the current tournament: After that, on the right you will see the "Join Tournament" button: Click on it and become a participant in the demo tournament. After that, 10,000 USDT will be credited to your demo account, and instead of the "Join Tournament" button, the "Trade" button will appear. Click on it and it gets to trade in a demo account. Here you can learn how to trade and at the same time you will have a chance to win real USDT if you win one of the prizes.

The winners are the participants with the highest ROI. ROI - The percentage of income from your initial balance, or, in other words, the percentage by which you have gone into plus.

Demo Tournament Rewards

There are 5 prizes in total. Rewards are credited to your trust account for 7 days. Everything that you trade in plus on a trust account goes to your main balance, from where you can already do whatever you want with them.


Demo tournaments are a great opportunity to become a real trader without risking real money in the early stages, while having the opportunity to earn real USDT. The spirit of competition allows you to try to get a profit with even greater interest by analyzing coins.

Demo tournaments are currently temporarily disabled on Nominex