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How to start farming

Farming has 3 additional bonuses thanks to which you will earn even more.

1. Farming Duration Bonus

It is enough to farm for a week and you will already receive 20% more from the bonus pool. In a month it will be +100%.

2. Team Bonus

If you are in a team with a strong referral, you will also receive income from his referrals. It is for this reason that I suggest you register using link of one of the largest referrals, whose team has over 50 thousand referrals ! At the same time, if the referrer's number of referrals grows, it grows with you too! How to change the referrer (if you got a bad referrer and don't get referrals from overflow) is described in this section.

You can earn from 5% to 10% from farming your referrals! At the same time, not only from those that you invited, but also from those who were invited by your referrals and even from referrals who came to you from a referrer. The nesting of the referral system is endless!

3. Referral bonus

You get from 5% to 20% if you invite friends through your link and they farm too. Together with the team bonus above, you can already receive up to 30% from referral income!
If you really want to build a passive income, then you should start farming right now, in a week you will already receive 20% more. And that's not counting your referrer's referral income.

How to start farming?

There are 2 ways to farm on the exchange:

1. Simple mode

This method is recommended for beginners. The difference from the Pro-mode is only in the time spent on farming. Easy mode was added not so long ago and was created with the aim of farming in 1 click. You just need to have the amount in USDT on your exchange account that you want to invest in farming. If you are new to the exchange, then just choose this farming method and follow the instructions.

2. Pro mode

This method involves farming through an external wallet (for example, Metamask). We will leave instructions just in case for those who want to farm through an external wallet.

Simple mode

1. Replenishment of Nominex balance.

First you need to replenish the exchange wallet with the amount that you want to invest in farming. We will use TRX to top up Nominex's balance. This token is perfect due to the absence of a minimum amount for replenishment, and also because of the small commission.
Go to here, find the address of your personal TRX wallet for replenishment, copy it. Next, go to any exchanger convenient for you, in this case, to FASTCHANGE. There, in the "Give" column, select the currency in which you want to replenish. In the "Get" column, select TRON. In the "TRON address" field, enter your wallet address copied above for replenishment. After payment, your Nominex account will be credited with the amount of TRX you have chosen. You can check its receipt here.

2. TRX to USDT exchange

We need to exchange our deposited TRX for USDT. To do this, go to here. And we change our TRX to USDT (screenshot of the order form for the exchange below).

3. Farming

After you have USDT in your wallet, go to here, enter the amount in the block on the right USDT that you want to invest in farming and click "Invest". After that, you need to wait, within a minute farming will start and you will receive a notification. This completes the process of farming through Easy Mode. Interest will be credited in the form of NMX to your Nominex account.

Pro mode

1. Registration Metamask.

Metamask is a browser extension that is a cryptocurrency wallet, so you only need to download the extension.
Go to here and download the extension. Once the extension has downloaded to your browser, click Get Started. Next, just create a wallet in Metamask.

2. Transferring Metamask to Binance Smart Chain

Initially, the wallet is connected to the ETH network, switching will take you no more than 5 minutes.
Open the extension window and click on our avatar on the top right of the window. Next, click "Settings". After that, go to the "Networks" section. Click the "Add network" button. Next, fill in the fields. Input data:
Network name: BSC Mainnet
New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed1.binance.org/
ChainID: 56
Token: BNB
Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com/
As a result, after filling, everything will look like this. Click to save. As a result, you have successfully added the desired network. Be sure to expand the list of networks and switch to the added one - BSC Mainnet.

3. Top up Metamask

Next, go to any exchanger convenient for you, in this case, toFASTCHANGE. There, in the "Give" column, select the currency in which you want to replenish. In the "Get" column, select Binance Coin (abbreviated as BNB).
Next, copy our Metamask wallet address. To do this, click on the address in the wallet window, it will be automatically copied. In the exchanger, in the "Address of Binance Coin" field, enter your copied Metamask wallet address and replenish it.

4. Connecting Metamask to Nomiswap.

After that, we need to connect Metamask to Nomiswap.
Go to Nomiswap and click "Connect Wallet" in the top right corner. There we select Metamask. A confirmation window will open in Metamask. In it, click "Next" and "Connect". This completes the connection of Metamask to Nomiswap.

5. Adding tokens to the liquidity pool

After the BNB has arrived in your Metamask wallet, go to Nomiswap in the Farms, we need to select the pool we will enter. Next to each pool there is an APR value - the annual percentage of income. After choosing the pool you like with the APR you need, look at its name (screenshot below). It contains a couple of tokens that need to be put into the pool. In this case, these are NMX and BNB tokens. Both tokens in each pool must be placed in an equal share - 50%. If you deposit $1,000 worth of NMX, then $1,000 worth of BNB must also be deposited. In our example, we need to exchange half of our BNB for NMX. To do this, go to here and change a little less than half of our BNB to NMX. Why a little less? It's worth leaving a few dollars in BNB, because exchanges, adding liquidity, etc. require a commission in BNB. Metamask will pop up a window in which you will need to confirm the exchange. After that, half of the BNB will be exchanged for NMX in your Metamask wallet. Next, we need to add the tokens we received to liquidity. To do this, open the field of the pool we need and click on the "Get NMX-BNB LP" link in it, as in the screenshot below. There we put all our BNB and NMX into the liquidity pool (again, we confirm the addition to the liquidity pool in the metamask). After that, you will have LP of the pair that you put into the liquidity pool. In this case, NMX-BNB LP.

6. Putting LP in farming

Next, go to the Farms tab - link. There, in the pool we need, click on the plus sign to add LP tokens to the pool, as shown in the screenshot below. We add all LP tokens to the pool, this will also need to be confirmed in Metamask. This completes the farming process. To pick up the farmed interest, you need to click the "Harvest" button. They will be credited to the Metamask wallet. After that, you can exchange them for BNB on Nomiswap and withdraw through the exchanger.