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Referral system

Nominex 5 types of referral system bonuses!
Let's start with the fact that if you are in a team with a strong referral, you will also receive income from his referrals. They "shine" to you after registration. This means that if your curator has referrals, then they appear with you, thus the referrer fills out one of your teams.
Without a referrer, you will have to complete both teams yourself, while the earnings from team farming will only come from the weaker team. It is very important to have a good referrer so that you send all referrals to the same team and receive full income. It is for this reason that I suggest that you register at link one of the largest referrals, whose team has over 50 thousand referrals!

What to do if you get a bad referrer?

If you are already registered on Nominex and you got a referrer who does not develop his referral system (which means you are not get referrals from it), then you can register a new external wallet and go to ref. link of the active referrer and receive thousands and tens of thousands of referrals from him.

About the referral system

You can earn up to 30% from farming and staking income from your referrals. At the same time, not only from those whom you invited, but also from those who were invited by your referrals. The nesting of the referral system is endless.

In the referral system you have 2 teams - Left and Right. One of these teams is Strong (which has the most stakes in total) and the other is weaker (respectively, which has the least stakes in total).
You also have 2 main ref bonuses. systems through which you earn income from farming and staking referrals:
1. You earn income from farming your direct (personally invited through your referral link) referrals.
2. You also receive income from referrals who are in a weaker team. Your strong team fills your referrer with overflow referrals, you don't have to worry about it. All you have to do is fill in the weak team.
In total, from the above bonuses, you get 30% from the income of your referrals on the maximum referral. level.

Referral Distribution

It is also very important at the very beginning to switch the distribution of referrals to the team in which you do not receive referrals from the referrer. This distribution is only responsible for direct referrals that you invite to your team and you need to switch it to balance the distribution of referrals so that you have both teams filled, otherwise you will not receive income from farming a weaker team (Referrals will be randomly distributed and can get to the team that the referrer fills in. As a result, the second team will remain empty, which means that there will be no income from it).
Attention! Track in which team referrals from overflow will get to you, and then set the team in which direct referrals will fall.

Referral bonuses

1. Referral farming bonus

You receive from 5% to 10% of the amount of NMX farmed by your direct referrals. The percentage depends on how much you have in farming. You receive this bonus from your direct referrals, that is, from those whom you invited personally.

2. Team Farming Bonus

You get from 5% to 20% of the amount of NMX farmed by your weak team. As a result, from direct referrals who are in your weak team, along with a bonus for farming referrals, you already get up to 30% of their farming income. Therefore, it is important to switch the distribution described above to a weaker team so that direct referrals receive income from both farming bonuses at once.

3. Referral trading bonus

You receive from 20% to 40% of the amount of trading commissions paid by your direct referrals.

4. Team Trading Bonus

Earn 5% to 20% of the amount of trading fees paid by your weak team. Again, if a direct referral gets into your Weak team, then in total you will receive up to 60% of the amount of trading commissions paid by this referral.

5. Discount on trading fees

The higher your referral level, which depends on the amount of farming, the greater the discount on trading fees. At the highest rank, you get a 100% discount on trading fees (in other words, exchange no fees at all).

All bonuses work for your referrals on both exchanges (Nominex and Nomiswap), since ref. the system on these exchanges is common.